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About Laser Facility Management


Laser Facility Management Puts The Focus Back on World Class Customer Service

We manage, service, and maintain the sophisticated facilities and systems that help our clients keep their competitive edge. Through our process-driven and consultative approach, Laser Facility Management tailors customized facilities programs to client properties and ensures they operate at peak performance levels. From mechanical maintenance and site-based operations to energy efficiency upgrades and interior and exterior maintenance, Laser Facility Management has you covered.

Few companies are structured to provide our depth of field experience, certified expertise, best-in-class processes, and continuous client collaboration. It’s this unique combination of offerings that makes Laser Facility Management second-to-none in the industry and our model is scale-able, so based on client needs, we can determine which service method works most effectively for the business. The result is high-performing facilities that improve business productivity, reduce energy consumption and costs, and provide long-term value.

Working with the Best to Bring the Best. Success in facilities management comes from having the right people in place. But it’s not just about getting the job done. It’s about having proven, dependable, skilled, and professional experts who know how to make the process seamless and stress-free and Laser Facility Management partners are among the most skilled technicians and bring a high level of professionalism to your workplace and they know how to get every aspect of the job done right, every time.

By choosing Laser Facility Management as your facility management provider, you are selecting a team with laser-focused customer service where improving the process for routine facility maintenance challenges, reducing costs and always delivering a superior customer service experience are our top priorities. And unlike a typical call center, each Laser Facility Management client is provided a dedicated customer service associate that understands the unique process, expectations and needs for each of our clients.