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Facility Management is a process of managing and maintaining the facilities in an organisation. The facilities include office complex, physical resources at the company or site and any other mechanical and electrical utilities that can cause health or safety hazard to employees.

Facilities management has gained importance over the last few years as businesses have identified that well-managed buildings and utilities help companies function effectively and efficiently. Facilities management team consists of professionals involved in the day-to-day analysis, maintenance and repair of the company utilities. The facilities management team should also actively be involved in strategic planning activities that help in cutting costs and increasing employee productivity.

A facilities management team need to ensure all the facilities in an organisation; are compliant with industry health and safety regulation, the complex has disability access, fire prevention methods and emergency exit plan in place, effective waste disposal and control of hazardous substances and maintenance of the company parking space.

Stay in the loop with communication that’s consistent, proactive, and thorough and rest easy knowing Laser Facility Management project managers have plans in place in case it’s time to adapt. Facility management projects can easily spiral out of control and extend far beyond the original timeline or budget. Business leaders know this is a massive problem because it can have damaging consequences to operations, sales, and the consequently, the bottom line. Yet all of this can be avoided with better project management. At Laser Facility Management, our project managers work closely with the client to ensure projects big or small stay on track and on budget. Through careful planning and consistent communication, we work with our client to ensure the work is completed seamlessly, so you don’t have to worry if everything will be delivered as promised.

Regular mechanical and electrical repairs along with property maintenance are also part of the services our facilities management team provides. In order to help the business achieve a competitive advantage and increase the overall worker productivity; companies must involve the facility manager in strategic decision making.

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