We are all witness to businesses reopening amid the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic.  These businesses have immediately realized their Facility Services are a top priority.  Each aspect of services must be mapped out to achieve results.  One of the most comprehensive “Preparedness and Response” roadmaps is Lear’s COVID-19 Safe Work Playbook.  https://lear.com/safeworkplaybook

This playbook is an excellent roadmap for #retail#restaurant#grocery#healthcarefacilities#banking, and more. Thank you, Lear Corporation, for continuing to share these best-practices.

Here are a few excerpts we found helpful to all sites.

Operational Protocols

Pages 11-13       Preventative Material Inventory

Page 25             Sample COVID Case Form – Report for Employees/Visitors Presenting Symptoms

Pages 35-36      On-Site Health-Temperature Screening Protocol

Page 41             Visitors & Contractors COVID-19 Self-Screening Checklist

Employee Training

Pages 46-47       Pre-Return to Work trainings, and First Day Trainings

Facility Signage

Page 52             Facility Signage

Supplemental Materials

Pages 58-59      Welcome back letter to employees – outlining safety protocols

Pages 59-60      Welcome back letter – safe return to work post exposure