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Healthy, safe, and functional schools

Laser’s focus is on providing cost-effective facilities maintenance support and solutions. Solutions which maximize your resources and maintain all physical spaces fully operational and efficient.

How Laser Drives Results:

  1. Compliment local maintenance not replace it
    Schools may have excellent custodial crews or a superb handyman. All too often a trade, or a single work order falls outside of the local expertise. We collaborate with our clients to meet these unsupported needs.

  2. Always ready for a course change
    The complexity of stakeholder involvement and budgets leave schools with needs that change frequently. Our goal is to self-evaluate every 90 days, and retune based on the needs of administration, teachers, students, and all stakeholders.

  3. Know the calendar
    From year-round pre-schools, to semester based higher education, understanding each school’s calendar helps to predict and plan. From the special services to deep clean during holiday breaks and summer, to the unique needs of after-school activities, our experience can greatly impact budgets.

  4. Support a safe and secure environment
    All schools depend on a vendor’s thorough understanding of safety and security while on site. Secure access, badging, vendor escorts, alarm systems, each have unique site training requirements. Current realities now add the aspect of the physical safety needs and COVID-19 safety protocols.
The Results

We understand how to achieve these results on a budget!


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