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Our advanced approach is a proven, reliable method that is tailored to our clients across the United States. We serve the retail, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, financial, entertainment, restaurant, convenience sectors of the marketplace with quick response times, open communication, and adaptive, solution-oriented strategies.

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Physical retail locations depend on the feel, flow, cleanliness, and aesthetics of the retail space to increase sales. But, that doesn’t happen when space is used inefficiently, the fixtures aren’t working, or paint is peeling. Customers notice these little nuances in your space - delivering excellence in your facility creates more sales and increases revenue.

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Telecom retail maintenance with Laser Facility Management allows property owners to manage their day to day without having to worry about their physical property locations. We handle the many challenges these providers face and eliminate the headaches to ensure your locations are clean, operable, and present a world-class presentation for your customers. 

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Laser Facility Management helps restaurants use their facility as a competitive advantage by creating a better environment for customers and employees. We have the experience and expertise to accelerate your business above and beyond your competition, and by using the right metrics we ensure your vendors exceed your expectations.

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All clinics and hospitals have the same goal; to provide a sterile and pristine environment for their patients to receive optimal healthcare. Patients and visitors expect — and deserve — a comfortable and safe healthcare environment. How well your facility is maintained directly affects patient outcomes, as well as their overall healthcare experience.

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The goal of the hospitality industry is to “keep them coming back.” Because full-service hospitality has so many different aspects to running and maintaining a smooth-sailing business, one of the significant challenges a company faces is having a list of contractors large enough to accommodate repairs and maintain each amenity. It would be a full-time job for someone to keep up on all necessary repairs and maintenance.

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Laser’s focus is on providing cost-effective facilities maintenance support and solutions.  Solutions that maximize your resources and maintain all physical spaces fully operational and efficient. We work carefully to complement local maintenance and support a safe, secure environment. We also understand that the complexity of stakeholder involvement and budgets leave schools with needs that change frequently.  Our goal is to self-evaluate every 90 days and retune based on the needs of administration, teachers, students, and all stakeholders.

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Grocery Stores

High traffic, low margins and large ticket sales. Supermarkets want customers to stay in their store and spend money. With ongoing health and safety concerns pushing the cleanliness and functionality of grocers is more important now than ever. Laser has experience across multiple verticals and can address all needs of your grocery store locations. 

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To meet today’s c-store needs, Laser Facility Management will leverage our facilities maintenance experience ensuring you receive a speedy response and expert attention to your needs. We focus on asking the right questions, leveraging our service providers, measuring every aspect of the job, and completing comprehensive asset management. From lower long-term costs to less wasted staff time, we can customize a solution for you. 

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