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Facility Services

Laser Facility Management offers a variety of facility services to enable multi-site companies to manage their national footprints with a focus on reducing costs, applying innovative strategies, and continuously improving the customer service experience.

Laser Facility Management uniquely tailors its facility services to meet the evolving challenges associated with building, expanding, and maintaining national facilities.


Construction Management

Laser Facility Management implements cost-effective solutions to make your on-site construction projects a success. Whether you are working on small-scale projects like rebranding or larger-scale projects like full scale remodels, Laser Facility Management is equipped for the job.

"Whatever my facility needs, I can count on Laser..."

"Whatever my facility needs may be I can count on Laser to come through and provide top shelf service and great communication. They started as my "go to" provider when other providers failed me, now I simply call them first to get it done correctly and quickly the first time! Their pricing is very competitive and customer service is excellent. Don't waste time and call Laser the first time."

Industries We Serve


Stores, shops and malls all deal with the public and must be kept clean and in perfect condition.

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Telecommunication providers are known for their immaculate retail environments, we ensure they are maintained and clean for their customers.

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The food service industry presents very unique challenges and regulations that require a team of professionals to maintain.

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Clinics, offices, and hospitals all have the same goal: Facilities that are clean, pure, and pristine for patients. This requires trained professionals to care for them.

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Designed to accommodate full occupancy, the property must be well lit and meticulously maintained in order to "keep them coming back."

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In order to improve the quality of teaching and learning Laser Facility Management ensures schools are kept clean and maintained.

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High traffic, low margins and large ticket sales. Grocery stores want customers to stay in their store and spend money. This requires clean and well-maintained facilities.

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Long hours and high traffic can pose problems with maintenance for convenience stores. We are equipped to support these businesses.

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