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Servicing the Nation’s Wireless Retailers

Successful vendor support involves customizing services specific to your brand needs; followed by continuous and transparent cost evaluation. Our success is our clear understanding of our role in the Brand’s customer experience.  Similar to the wireless clients we support, our successful maintenance of one location offers us the blueprint to replicate as the chain expands to new markets.

How Laser Drives Results:

  1. Supporting the Brand shopping experience
    Providing services to the Wireless industry requires an understanding of the importance of the brand image.  Aligning the most qualified and timely support for ingress, signage, lighting, electric, HVAC, cosmetic carpentry, and painting are integral to the brand experience.  Our services directly support how your clients feel about your store.

  2. Evaluating the site needs and data
    Few retailers are more focused on the analytics as our wireless retailers.  Wireless retailers are adept at aligning the store image and physical layouts to the changing desires of their target customer.  As the data shows new trends, needs are translated to changes in lighting, layouts, traffic flow, and more.  Each change is supported with services to meet those design modifications and location changes. 

  3. Data Capture with Comprehensive Asset Management
    Though retail in general has always been cost conscious, today’s needs center around a “zero-based” cost approach. Instead of tweaking and optimizing existing work processes and “this is how we have always done it”, Laser will work innovatively, aligning maintenance needs to what absolutely needs to insure a great customer experience & tasks that are truly critical.
The results

Customization specific to your brand, and costs which reflect innovative process management.


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