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Specialized trade knowledge in multi-site portfolios

Today’s healthcare industry faces an ever-changing environment of standards-development and implementation. Multi-site healthcare portfolios experience numerous layers of evaluation and critique. Industry standards, public health standards, brand standards, and certainly the expectations of their clients all come into play daily. Comprehensive facility service support through Laser is typified by staying current and being in constant communication with our healthcare clients.

How Laser Drives Results:

  1.  Understanding what makes each facility unique
    Few industries have facilities so vastly different yet each sharing a label of multi-site healthcare.  Understanding the unique differences in prosthetic labs, surgery centers, dialysis centers, and healthcare office settings are examples of varied service needs for equipment, facility ventilation and HVAC systems, and cleaning standards.

  2. Sourcing, vetting, and managing the best specialty contractors
    Matching each healthcare niche and location with the trained, experienced contractor for each trade is a continuous process accomplished by internal subject matter experts within Laser who have a deep understanding of the niche needs and objectives.
  3. Drive savings using cross-industry experience
    A keen focus on maintaining costs is a paramount objective. Documenting work experiences, and then sharing those as best-practices across Laser’s vendor partner platform allows for the top performance measures to be immediately communicated across wide geographic portfolios.
The Results

Knowledge and experiential based service completion

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