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Service support for the industry that never sleeps

Hotel owners, franchisees, and management groups are looking to the consistency and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing daily facility services and projects.  Hotel support however is not for the inexperienced.  Most all needs are on a larger scale than many other facilities.  This presents cost savings opportunities for the knowledgeable facilities company to batch non-emergency services and perform some break-fix services simultaneously to predictive maintenance tasks.

How Laser Drives Results:

  1. 24/7/365 Support
    Hotel clientele expectations are indeed around-the-clock.  Using a combination of reactive, predictive, and preventative maintenance service support provides for the least down-time of systems and equipment. 

  2. Specializing in Rollouts
    Our rooms division rollouts with plumbing, HVAC, lighting, room furnishings, flooring, painting, and door programs are high-demand projects where experience translates to quicker completion times, consistent quality results, and bulk cost-savings advantages.

  3. Data Capture with Comprehensive Asset Management
    With Laser’s diverse industry experience, the hotelier receives the benefits of our knowledge of retail for their shops; our knowledge of restaurants and grocery for their food service establishments; and our multi-disciplinary cleaning and floor care knowledge for public areas, offices, and meeting facilities.
The Results

Lowering the internal costs of hiring, training, and managing in-house maintenance

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