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Preventative maintenance is designed to reduce equipment failures, reduce production downtime, reduce repair costs, and reduce the potential deterioration of equipment. Don’t get stuck with unexpected downtime, by keeping your equipment operational and maintained adequately. Properly maintaining your equipment will lower your total cost of ownership and extend the equipment lifespan by meticulously caring for it.

At Laser Facility Management we are proactive rather than reactive. Most maintenance plans are reactive, and they wait until equipment breaks to send out a service technician.  We provide preventative maintenance by scheduling regular inspections, service calls, testing of equipment to reduce or prevent repair time. In doing so, we can identify maintenance actions on important equipment to achieve the most significant result within the available budget.

Minimize corrective and breakdown maintenance, maintain satisfactory equipment conditions and improve plant reliability. A preventive maintenance program should be well-defined, periodically reviewed and adjusted as necessary. To help ensure proper implementation; procedures should be written in sufficient detail for each piece of equipment in the program.

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