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Establishing a

New Standard of Safety

By Joe Fairley, Director of Laser Facility Management 

In facilities services, we are experiencing a huge influx of published best practices, cleaning and disinfection protocols, and general guidance. In fact those of us serious on keeping up, we are likely reading somewhere between four to 10 scientific whitepapers and technical news releases each week. Before COVID-19, it would have been difficult to find that volume of newly published information every 90 days or so.

Our restaurant community is feeling the effects of long term closures, partial reopenings and changes to service models. Many are also experiencing the challenges of reopening in a more traditional sense but are weighed down with every-changing business regulations and recommendations. 



Laser was a huge help

“Just wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciate all of Laser’s efforts this past season! Some of the most complicated and stressful work orders that I was put on, Laser was a huge help. Especially, with assisting our hurricane offices in Florida when resources were extremely limited. Also, I like how you make yourself available at all hours of the night when we need to get an answer for our client. This is above and beyond!”

— Financial Retailer

Uninterrupted support to my stores

“I wanted to thank the Laser team for the outstanding customer service you all provided. I was in an impossible situation with all of our facility repair contractors bailing on us, and your company stepped up to provide support when no other company would. Your willingness to work with me to provide uninterrupted support to my stores was invaluable to me in a very difficult time, and I’d recommend you to anyone!”

— Beauty Retailer

“My #1 Go-To Vendor"

“This team is great! They have got me out of jams countless times when other vendors have screwed up and let me down.  They provide high-quality work, timely updates, and completion as well as competitive pricing.  I consider them my #1 go-to vendor!”

— Fashion Retailer

"Nothing short of amazing"

“I was a little skeptical of using a facilities management company to handle our repairs because this is something we always handled in‐house, but I’m glad I did. Laser has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve been able to reduce my repair/maintenance budget, which is outstanding. Thanks, Laser!”

— Bicycle Retailer

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